Baked Mini Samosa Pies

Samosas are deep-fried hand pies or pastry pockets filled with some kind of savory mixture, most commonly consisting of potatoes. They are the quintessential Indian tea-time snack. Snacking on samosas and tea is kind of a ritual for us. All … Continue reading

Eggless Banana And Chocolate Chip Muffins

I already have a couple of banana bread recipes on the blog. You can find them here and here, one of them is an extremely sinful version with peanut butter mixed in the batter and a peanut butter glaze on … Continue reading

Bulgur Wheat Pilaf Stuffed Bell Peppers

If you have an outdoor Farmers’ Market in your city, make sure you don’t miss it especially during the summer months. It really is an amazing experience. Next to growing and picking your own vegetables, a Farmers’ Market will give … Continue reading

Easy Chicken Curry With Coconut Milk

It is no secret that I am a big fan of coconut milk. And also chicken. Whenever I tire of the fiery hot chili or black pepper based chicken curries, I turn to coconut milk for relief. This curry is … Continue reading

Sago / Tapioca Pearl Pudding With Blueberry Sauce

I have always wanted to try creating one of those perfect desserts, which once sufficiently chilled, could be coaxed on to a serving bowl without losing it’s shape, thus ending up with a perfectly-set, beautiful-to-look-at dessert. Oh wait, isn’t that … Continue reading

Bulgur / Broken Wheat Payasam {Dairy-Free Dessert With Jaggery And Coconut Milk}

Broken wheat or cracked wheat is such a lovely grain/cereal to have in one’s pantry. The packet I got from our Indian/Middle Eastern grocery store was labelled as cracked wheat. But I had a nagging doubt in my head that … Continue reading

Creamy Orange Popsicles (Orange Creamsicles)

I just can’t seem to get enough of frozen treats this summer. I am sure none of you are complaining though! Here is another fun combination that is sure to please the OJ lover in your house – creamy orange … Continue reading

Soy Sauce And Indian Spices Marinated Baked Chicken Legs

There are any number of chicken marinade recipes and baking/grilling techniques. But did you know an easy way to get the rich, deep color by just oven-baking? Its soy sauce! And as a bonus, it makes the chicken tender and taste … Continue reading