Fish Moilee {Keralan Fish Stew}

Kerala, the tiny Indian state on the west coast, literally means the land of coconut trees. It is no secret that the diet is heavily dependent on coconuts – coconut flesh, coconut milk, coconut oil, tender coconut water, anything and … Continue reading

Strawberry Ice Cream

My love for ice cream is legendary, so much so that my hubby has to keep a close watch on me whenever we pass the frozen dessert aisle at the grocery store. My all-time favorite flavor is creamy vanilla, there … Continue reading

Papaya Agua Fresca

The papaya is a highly under-appreciated fruit. When you think of tropical fruits, pineapple and mango comes to mind, but papaya seldom makes an impression. Growing up, we always had a tree or two of papaya in our garden. It … Continue reading

Oats, Quinoa And Almonds Breakfast Bowl With Plum Sauce

Breakfast is an area I have neglected on the blog. I seem to have shared just a couple of my favorites with you guys. On days when we are not having a traditional South Indian breakfast, a quick egg sandwich … Continue reading

Saag Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese And Greens Curry) With Instant Naan

Nothing can compare to those carefree school days. Of course, kids have issues of their own to sort out when young. But all the huge issues that boggled us back then, seem almost inconsequential in the light of real life … Continue reading

Homemade Strawberry Jam

Strawberries! How I love them!! When warmer temps roll around, I cannot wait to get my hands on some fresh, juicy, red strawberries. Then it’s milkshakes, popsicles, ice creams, puddings, breads and what-not all the time at our home… much … Continue reading

Falooda {Rose Flavored Indian Dessert Beverage}

Every school kid looks forward to Friday evening. I know, mine does. I used to be the same when I was his age (ok, even now!). Growing up, Friday nights (or sometimes Saturday nights) were special. That’s when we went … Continue reading