Peach Iced Tea {With Peach Simple Syrup}

This summer, we’ve been trying to eat healthy, more mindful of what we put in our bodies, trying to avoid eating out whenever we can help it. Speaking of dining out, our go-to drink of choice has always been a … Continue reading

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

Today’s recipe is a true gem, borrowed from the small island nation of Sri Lanka just south of India. Sri Lankan cuisine shares many similarities with South Indian cuisine, especially those of Kerala and southern Tamil Nadu cuisines. This probably … Continue reading

Peach Vanilla Jam

There’s a reason peaches are synonymous with summer and the south. They need the bright, hot southern summer sun to ripen to perfection. And the ripe fruit itself resembles a golden orb, like the one in the sky. We have … Continue reading

Watermelon-Berry Popsicles

Today’s recipe is going to be an easy and really quick one. You just need to be patient for a few hours till the popsicles set in the freezer, that’s all. Now, who doesn’t love popsicles, right? I think it … Continue reading

Milk Tea, Cardamom And Rose Cake {With Brown Butter And Cardamom Glaze}

It’s been rather quite around here. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am enjoying having the little one home all the time this summer. Not that I am not trying new recipes or playing around with my camera, … Continue reading

Blueberry Limeade (Or Lemonade)

Oh, summer, how I love you! Yes, you are hot, sweaty and annoyingly, blindingly bright on most days. But I don’t care. I love not having to wear jackets, scarves and boots. I love that I can literally be out … Continue reading

Pho-Inspired Asian Noodle Soup

If you believe that soups have no place in summer, you might want to rethink that once you read today’s recipe. Soups generally fall into two main categories (I am sure you can think of more) – creamy soups and … Continue reading

Aam Panna {Indian Green Mango Summer Cooler}

This recipe has been on my bucket list for the blog for such a long time now. Most of the recipes on this blog are happy accidents or delightful surprises from my kitchen. I rarely chart a proper course of … Continue reading