Peek-a-Blue! My First Paint Project

Blue Stool Makeover 6

If you have been reading my previous posts (hopefully!), two things might be clear to you by now. I am impatient and I love anything that says ‘easy’! Still, I have had this deep urge to undertake a painting project. Like a small chair or stool or at least a flower-pot!

Guess what? After weeks of deliberation and hours of internet browsing, I was ready. Here again, I took the easy way out. Everyone seems to use varnish strippers, orbital sanders, primers, paints and acrylic top coats. Phew! I went to a trusty home improvement store and asked around. I found this fantastic thing called a paint and primer in one! The world surely must be full of lazy bugs like me!

Enough of my ramblings! Here is the boring before. It is a wooden chair without the back-rest. I use it around the house to prop up plants, and even our 4-ft Christmas tree. It is the perfect height for odd jobs like that!

Blue Stool Makeover

I cleaned it and sanded it ‘fairly’ well. Then I decided to just finish painting the legs and stain the wooden seat.

It didn’t go exactly as planned. There were some really dark patches on the seat after staining. Maybe because of insufficient sanding or maybe the wood type. Anyway, I did a couple of coats of stain and let the color develop for a few days.

Blue Stool Makeover 7

 Once it was completely dry, I decided to buff it with some oil. I read somewhere about using coconut oil to shine furniture. Given the cost of coconut oil here, guess what I used?

Sesame seed oil!! It worked like a charm!

Here it is all finished and ready to go.

Blue Stool Makeover 3

It is not entirely perfect. But, I love it! Especially, for my first attempt. It adds just the right pop of color to a drab corner. I styled it with a simple arrangement of twigs in a vase.

Blue Stool Makeover 4

Or how about this sweet choo-choo train?

Blue Stool Makeover 5

This is what I used in my project:

Just Jazz_Olympic One

  • Paint – Olympic One Interior Semi-gloss Enamel in Just Jazz.
  • Stain – Minwax in Early American Wood finish.
  • Sandpaper – Medium grit 120. (I reused the used sheets to act as fine sandpaper.)
  • Nylon 2-in paint brush and a small craft paint brush to get around the spindly legs.

Now, you know I just can’t let things be. So I painted some terracotta pots in shades of blue and a mint green sample paint. More on that coming soon.

Painted Terracotta Pots

And I finally painted my jewelry holder branches!

DIY Jewelry Holder 1

I am thinking of painting our patio rug too. I have been seeing that in blog-land  a lot. What do you think?

It is true that a fresh coat of paint CAN transform anything! I am a covert, how about you?

Blue Stool Makeover 8

Have you tried your hand at painting your furniture?

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43 thoughts on “Peek-a-Blue! My First Paint Project

  1. Too Cute!!! But, beware. Painting furniture is a disease. And, I think maybe you’re already hooked. If you get a chance, come over to and see some of my projects. Oh, and Im your newest follower.

  2. Thank you for linking up to The CSI Project. I think your project looks great – and someone clearly has a thing for painting things blue haha! This week I am working on repainting a TV unit, and instead of using a brush I am using a roller – it goes 5 times as fast and no brush strokes – I am in love!

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  4. I think your first piece came out lovely!! (My first piece was a wreck of an end table, which I also painted the legs and bottom and stained the top. If you wanna, you can come and see it at my blog, but you don’t have to– lol) Keep up the creative stream and just keep going! What do you have to lose? Nothing! GO GIRL!

    Visiting from Savvy Southern Style’s WOW linky party.
    Smiles, Suz @MaytagnMom
    NW Illinois

  5. What a beautiful job on your first project! I’m sure there will be more to come! I love the paint and primer in one too!

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