At The Corner Of Happy And Harried Is Now On Facebook

Happy & Harried Now On Facebook

Hi there, my dear readers. How is the new year treating you thus far? I hope it is turning out awesome for you. I am sorry to be MIA over the past few days. It was a nasty flu bug to blame. We were all sick and miserable the last week of 2013, but I was reading all the lovely New Year wishes that kept popping up in my reader feed.

A new year means new beginnings for most of us. When I was little, I had to keep reminding myself to change the year while writing the date on my notes. Now that almost all my writing is on the computer, I do not have to remember even that! I usually make almost no other resolution.

So, what will be new for my blog in 2014? (Ha, I did have to write the year!)

For one, I will keep bringing delicious recipes, simple craft and home decor ideas and more to you on a regular basis. We have a trip to India planned in Feb-Mar, so that should keep me busy. I may be slightly less active during that time or I might end up sharing every nonsensical bit that comes my way.

As an immediate new year update, I have finally launched At The Corner Of Happy And Harried on Facebook. Why did it take so long to get there? Let me see. Firstly, I wanted to be sure I am sticking with my blog. And secondly, I am my biggest critic and I wanted everything to be perfect, which I now realize is probably going to be never! So, hop over to Facebook and like my page. Or just press the nifty little ‘Like‘ button on the sidebar. Please, please, pretty please. Thank you!

facebook-like-buttonOne of my other long term goals would be to get my own domain name. It might happen sometime in the latter half of the year, I hope. I just have to convince myself to leave my comfort zone aka nest, and fly solo. It is still in the idea stage, I will probably tackle it after our vacation. I would love to hear your thoughts on it, if you’ve either done it already or are thinking of doing so.

As we huddle together and brace ourselves for yet another winter storm (Lord help us, enough with the cold weather already!), let me wish you a Happy New Year again. And don’t forget the Facebook thing. Press like, become a fan and stay connected!

And don’t forget, you can find me on Pinterest and Bloglovin’ too.


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